Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Saludos Desde Buenos Aires

Hello everyone, I have been out in Buenos Aires for a week now. I am on a little break before the release of our EP in March and gave been taking much inspiration from the city. There has been so much music, colour and vibrancy in the places i have visited. Whilst playing on the street i have noticed that the Argentinians are quick to gather round and listen, and yesterday an elderly porteno couldn't resist singing along to Por Una Cabeza, a local favourite from the Tango maestro Carlos Gardel (
The Chileans and the Brazilians that i have met here have given me no peace, demanding that i play songs, for dances and sing a longs every night, until usually we all fall asleep in the hostel bar! It has been great fun so far and I shall have to pay a visit to Rio next year to get a better feel for the Samba and visit all the lovely people i met here.
I have met and played with some excellent musicians since i have been here including a fine blues guitarist named Lucas who i met in Florida. In Boca, a colourful barrio in the south of the city, i met a Tango guitarist with whom i am going to meet this evening to brush up on my Tango repertoire, very excited about that!
First, we are having an argentina vs the rest of the world football match with some of the guy from the hostel, and then off for some more guitar!

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