Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cave Music

Whilst missioning through the wilderness from Salta to Cafayatte I found some folclore musicians in a cave. I got my guitar and we had a little jam. Amazing flute player.... unbeeeelievable in fact, and very good singing too. These guys do it properly, none of your tourist rubbish. They don't have anything online, but i have some of their music recorded..... will try and set up a playlist or something. It's really great stuff.
Played a gig for the good holiday makers of Buenos Aires in Cafayatte that night and then at The Backpackers Inn in Salta the following evening. Once again the Brazilians killed it with their enthusiasm. I'd only known them for five minutes and they became my best friends! Great people all round! I miss them already! Thanks to everyone there for sharing mate and making me feel so welcome!

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