Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Come Undone (Misty Mountain Blues in A Minor)

Salta Province, Argentina. More photos here

As I ride out on the morning light
Upon the misty mountain top so high
There's a shadow running through my mind
Of what I left behind
The fabric of our love was long awry
Before we chose to interweave our lives
Won't you tell me why my friend?

Without joy and left without a cause
I ride on and on with no remorse
And I stir not through my wakeless nights no more
Now my eyes run dry
I used to conjure up a soundless voice
But now I've found a way to unmute the noise
Let me show you how my friend

And now I contemplate the road ahead
Thinking not of all the life I left for dead
This is where I begin and end
Won't you tell me why?

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