Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Days When Music Was Fun

Fond memories playing music At the Hoxton Bar And Kitchen with Ruby G. Sometimes you go through periods of life where everything is just pure unadulterated fun (this photo was taken during one of these times).
Then there are occasions where the seriousness kicks in, responsibility and the need for a purpose overrules. These latter occasions are an inevitable reaction to unrestrained free spiritedness, but can lead to stifled creativity and take the joy out of living. In extreme situations relationships become strained to breaking point, by the overwhelming love that the individuals have for what they are doing and their own separate expectations, and how far they are prepared to go with each other to reach their own individual goals. Melancholy and the pressures of progress and development kick in. But progress towards what and development into whom?
In these instances i try to cast my mind back to why i love what i do and go back to what started it all off. Usually it involves playing for the sake of playing and then leads back to those periods of unbridled free spiritedness and the whole cycle begins again..... Here's to those epochs of abandonment, and the topsy turvy scales of musical samsara!

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