Monday, 8 November 2010

all you ever wanted

It's high time
That you got a new job
You need to make more money
Get closer to the top

Need a roof o'er your head
You can't rest in bed
For the fear and dread
Your heart's heavy as lead

Time keeps running by
You keep wasting it on and on

I'm going to level with you now
You need some more
There's a bailiff man
Knocking on your door

You've got bills ro pay
Your love's gone away
Got to get yourself by
Now come what may

The best years of your life go running by
Here you are alone and blue

There's a gun gonna blow
Just a stones' throw
And a panic in
Your disco

There was something that you said
Went straight to your head
Now you're seeing red
Cos you made your own bed

Love'll only bring you down again
If you keep on closing the door

Don't be like a bird on a wire
Made of stone
You need to find yourself another
Way to make your home

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